July 2016 Favourites + Fails

Hi lovelies! I’m back for another monthly favourites! There is a LOT of things happening in the month of July and I have been so lucky to have attended a few events so that I can share with you guys what I have been loving and not loving. Let’s get onto it shall we?






Marc Jacobs Air Blush in shade Kink & Kisses. Available here.

The formula of this blush is amazing and the colour is a gorgeous soft pink shade that doesn’t lean too peachy (I tend to stay away from overly peachy blushes because it will make me look too red). The blush also contains 2 shade in each pan so you will be able to use 3 different shades in 1 blush. Win! I definitely think it’s worth the money. This was given to me by Sephora Australia and it is not available yet but it will come very very soon to your nearest Sephora store!

BH Cosmetics BH Liquid Lipstick. Available here.

Seriously one of the best affordable liquid lipsticks out there. The formula is similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ liquid lipsticks but at a fraction of the price. The doe foot applicator wand is small enough to get into the corners of your lips and it isn’t overly drying. They’re also super pigmented and never patchy. The only downside that I can think of is that it doesn’t come in crazy colours like some other more expensive brands do.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. Available here.

So, this foundation isn’t new but I used to not like this foundation at all when I first got them. It’s a little weird, I know.. safe to say I’ve now fallen head over heels for this foundation and it’s all for the right reasons. It just gives off the most natural looking finish but with a super high coverage and the foundation lasts quite a while on me. I find that it’s an absolutely perfect foundation for events so I will continue using it and I would probably purchase another shade after I have all my makeup organised.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. Available here, here, here.

If I have 2 words to describe this palette: it’s EVERYTHING! This one is Anastasia Beverly Hills’ first permanent eyeshadow palette and it comes with a total of 14 shades; 8 mattes, 2 satins and 3 shimmers. It’s no surprise that the little old makeupswatchesau loves matte warm eyeshadows a lot and this palette pretty much ticks all the boxes. Apart from the amazing colour selection, the eyeshadow formulas in this palette is extremely pigmented and buttery soft. My favourite eye look using this palette would probably be a red toned halo eye using Golden Ochre, Burnt Orange, Venetian Red, Love Letter and Vermeer on the centre of the lid.

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick. Available here.

Avon has gifted these to me and I am so happy that they did because I wouldn’t have discovered this gem if they didn’t. I might have talked about these lipsticks but don’t quote me on that. The texture of these are unbelievable – it’s so similar to the texture of those $150 Christian Louboutin lipsticks so that is definitely saying something (I own 2 of them so yes, I can definitely say that they’re similar). It’s super matte for a tube lipstick but doesn’t dry out your lips like your traditional matte formula M.A.C bullet lipsticks. It’s pretty hard to describe them, they’re matte and creamy all at the same time.

W7 Glowcomotion Highlighter. Available here.

The link I attached is from an independent eBay seller but you can find these at your local Chemist Warehouse / other W7 Cosmetics stockists. It’s one of those brands that you kind of look past by everytime you’re at Chemist Warehouse but this product is an absolute bomb! They retail for only $5 and the pigmentation is amazing. Obviously, don’t expect them to be better than high-end highlighters but they are pretty close that $5 is definitely a really really great buy. I love it. The shade is also very similar to the cult product Mary Lou-manizer by TheBalm.

My Makeup Brust Set (largest brush). Available here.

Now to be completely honest, I don’t use all the brushes in the set because I find that they don’t perform very well for their job but the largest brush in the whole set is amazing! It blends my foundation so flawlessly and I am so impressed by how soft they are (densely packed, nicely cut). I do think they are pretty durable since I have washed them a couple of times and they seemed to be doing just fine. This brush definitely gets an A+ from me so please, please if one of My Makeup Brush Set employees are reading this, please come out with an individual brush so we can all enjoy how great they are.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in shade Rose Matter.

You should probably know by now that I own more than 15 (maybe 20 or 25 – I lost count, I’m sorry) of Jeffree’s liquid lipsticks and I love them (they’re not the best, in my opinion but they’re still great and I definitely can’t live without the Gemini and Mannequin shade). Other than that, though, I was so disappointed with the shade Rose Matter. First of all, the colour was way off from all the swatch pictures. They look neon dark pink on me while the swatches look like they’re nude baby pink. Definitely not nude at all. I understand they look different on different people so that is understandable and I’ll give it a pass. It’s the crazy amount of transfer I experienced made this pretty much a fail for me. I’ve never had any of my other Jeffree liquid lipstick that transfers as much as Rose Matter so it’s pretty shocking that this goes to my fails for this month. Conclusion: not going to re-purchase although they look super pretty inside the bottles.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick Summer 2016 Collection in shade Queen Bee, Watermelon Soda, 714. 

If you have seen my snapchat on these, I went on a little rant about the quality of his Summer liquid lipsticks. I was so disappointed by how poor of a quality these are and I am not going to lie about it. Queen Bee (yellow) is super streaky and patchy and they’re extremely thick so it wasn’t the easiest to apply. I don’t really know what to use these as, this colour is probably the worst out of the bunch. The other colours Watermelon Soda and 714 is also super streaky and patchy. I tried to layer coats after coats but they seem to patch and streak even if you build them up. I also didn’t like the scent, they smelt like part chemical part watermelon that you’ve forgotten in the sun kind of scent which isn’t the most appealing. I definitely much prefer his Rootbeer scent which IMO smells so good. The only shades I loved from this collection was Nude Beach and Virginity but other than that, a 3/5 under-performing shades is pretty disappointing. Definitely not worth the hype.

Kat Von D Ink! Liner in shade Baudelaire.

These were gifted to me by Sephora Australia but they are disappointing. The colour isn’t pigmented enough even though the lasting power is pretty decent. I definitely much prefer the Rimmel liquid liners over these as that performs so much better and a lot cheaper.

So I hope you guys enjoyed my July Favourites + Fails post! Remember, these are all my own personal opinions and what might work/not work for me doesn’t mean that it will do too on you. I also am not bashing the companies or products; I always give each and every product a fair chance so I can give my feedback to you guys and help you decide whether they are worth your hard earned money or not. Hope you had a great weekend lovelies, see you in my next post ❤


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