Benefit NEW Brow Product Launch – 22nd July (PART I)


Hello everyone! I’m back again with another review on the Benefit Cosmetics Brow collection that will be launching on the 22nd July 2016. Benefit has come up with whopping NINE brow products in total and I’m here to tell you all about it.

I have been lucky enough to get invited to Benefit Cosmetics Australia brow launch a couple of weeks ago and I have been featuring the products on my Instagram numerous of times. I have even done a quick review of 2 of the products here. So thank you so much to Emanuela and the rest of the awesome ladies (if you’re reading this) at Benefit Australia for providing me with all these awesome goodies to try out!

Even though Benefit has been generous enough to provide me with the whole product range, I was not asked to review or feature them in my social media channels and this is done purely from my own personal intention. You can be sure that my opinions are 100% honest.



Brow Zings AUD $55

Brow Zings is a brow wax and powder duo that comes with a mini dual applicator and tweezers (how cute is that!). The dual applicator is extendable which is a brilliant idea, seeing that I actually lost both of the applicators in the old version because they were a little bit of a hassle (shown in the picture, black packaging). The newer version comes in 6 shades and numbered accordingly. Shades 1 and 2 are light, 3 and 4 are medium, and 5 and 6 are deep. The differences between each light, medium and deep shades are the undertones. For example, shade 1 is light with cool undertones whilst shade 2 is light with warm undertones. This makes matching your colours so much easier and hassle-free. Thumbs up for Benefit Cosmetics!

How it performs:

The powder is pigmented and blend-able. The wax also spreads easily and is a lot more long lasting than the older version which had a tendency to slip around a little. I personally am not a big fan of brow wax products but this one is alright. I use the brow powder more often than the wax to fill in the gaps in my eyebrows. This is great for those who wants a more natural looking brows or is a beginner with filling in your eyebrows. They’re also very travel friendly, so it could be an option if you want an all-in-one brow product that fits in your travel makeup pouch.


3D Browtones AUD$42 

The 3D Browtones is described as a subtle-brow enhancing highlight product. You might be thinking, what on earth is a brow enhancing highlight product? I was really skeptical at first because I did not know what it was supposed to be and there are no products like it by other brands. They come in 2 different shades; light/medium, medium/deep.

How it performs:

Is it a brow mascara? Not really. Is it a setting gel? Not really. The product has a very fine shimmer throughout and it is supposed to give your brows a more 3 dimensional look as the fine shimmer reflects different lights and hence giving your brows the illusion of depth. The end of the wand is perfect for brushing through your brow hairs and making sure that the product is evenly distributed. This product also acts as a setting gel but won’t hold your brow hairs as effectively as an actual setting gel would. I absolutely love the product and I use them every single day. I find that it also works very well with brow pomades as they can result in block-like brows and this product will eliminate the 2 dimensional block-like brows after using the pomade.



Browvo! Conditioning Primer AUD$49

This is another interesting product from the Benefit brow launch. It is described as a nutrient-rich conditioning primer for your eyebrows. The product comes in a twist up tube with a bristled applicator as shown in the picture. The product is clear and it’s recommended that each twist is enough for each brow.

How it performs:

I am actually unsure about whether it did actually made my eyebrows grow because I have extremely sparse eyebrows and nothing seem to work on me in terms of eyebrow growth. Aside from my sad eyebrow condition, however, this product really ‘flattens’ the brow hairs and preps them for other brow products very well. I will try to use them every night to see if it will make my eyebrows fuller and I will update you over on my Instagram about it.



High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter AUD$38

This product is a re-released product from Benefit Cosmetics, so if you have been a loyal follower of theirs you would have probably tried them at least once. I have personally never tried the older version of the High Brow but I have heard complaints about them not being as blend-able and creamy as they would like them to be.

How it performs:

This is another favourite of mine when I go to special events. I use my High Brow pencil to clean up underneath my eyebrows for that crisp look. They blend very well and is very creamy but you have to work with it quickly before it sets. The High Brow pencil definitely makes it so easy to clean up underneath the eyebrows and it’s super precise because it’s in a pencil form. I don’t reach for this product often as I don’t sport the crisp eyebrows on a daily basis but it is definitely a must-have if you’re looking for a product like it.

One thing that I have to comment on it is that I wished they had made them in a twist up pencil form so that no product goes to waste when trying to sharpen them and it would make it so much more convenient to use.



Ka-Brow! AUD$42

The Ka-Brow! is a brow pomade just like the uber popular Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomades. All I can say is that, I love this so much more than my ABH Dipbrow Pomades. I’ll spill all the details later below. The Ka-Brow! comes in 6 different shades just like the Brow Zings where it is categorised in order from light, medium to deep shades. The Ka-Brow! is also available in cool and warm undertones just like the Brow Zings. They also come with an angled brush that clicks onto the cap for ease of use.

How it performs:

Just like I mentioned, I love the Ka-Brow! 1000x more than my ABH Dipbrow Pomade. I find the Dipbrow Pomades clumpy and doesn’t spread as easily as I would like to. The Dipbrow Pomade can also be too pigmented and hence difficult to work with unless you’re extremely careful when applying (I can also say that the ABH pomades are not fool-proof at all). The Ka-Brow! however isn’t as pigmented and is so much easier to work with. It is easier to build up colour than to take off colour when it is already applied. It is also more of a gel consistency, meaning that it spreads easier than the Dipbrow which sometimes makes the brow hair clump together with the product. I can say that I have not been using any other eyebrow pomades other than the Ka-Brow! ever since I got my hands on it. The Ka-Brow! is definitely one of my personal must-haves within the whole range of the new Benefit brow products.

*The products mentioned in this review are given to me but all opinions and views are honest.


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