Korean Beauty Haul Part II + Review



Hello everyone! My long-awaited Korean beauty haul part 2 is here!!!!!! *yayyyy*

The exciting news is that I am now officially a partner with Jolse Cosmetics. They are a Korean cosmetics stockist and they sells everything from Road Shop (drugstore equivalent) brands to Korean high-end brands like Sulwhasoo and History of Whoo. I can select any items I want so the items above are the items I have chosen myself. This is also an opportunity for you guys to request anything from me to review, leave a comment down below or on Instagram to request whatever you want!

Before making any assumptions, I have been a paying customer of Jolse for a while so I think I am qualified enough to judge their shipping, customer service, etc from a customer’s point of view. Their shipping is amazing, they ship my items the next day after my order confirmation and I get them fairly quickly (about 1.5-2 weeks with their free shipping). Yes, the whole entire website has free worldwide shipping no matter how much you buy from them! But if you don’t like waiting, they have EMS shipping which costs $22 but you’ll get your items in a matter of days. Their customer service is also super responsive, they reply very quickly and I am really satisfied with their service. And yes, I have had a few VERY bad online customer service before *coughs* Jeff….. *coughs* but never at Jolse Cosmetics.

Also, I’m really sorry for slacking on posting this blog post. I have been way too busy with uni assignments and uni in general that I keep pushing this post until now. Anyways, let’s get started with the haul.


Skinfood Propolis Serum In Foundation USD$25.5. Available here.

This foundation is a skincare-focused foundation from SkinFood that contains 5% propolis extract. If you’re wondering what propolis is, it is a component used by honeybees that is a beneficial skincare ingredient and I think that is a genius idea for them to come up with a skincare-infused foundation. This foundation is super moisturising and dewy so it is an amazing foundation to wear during winter (especially for dry-skin types). The coverage is light-medium buildable so it might not cover very well for if you are into heavy coverage. For me personally, the coverage is perfect.

This foundation feels super high end to be honest, I am so surprised when I opened it and felt how heavy it was on my hands. The bottle also features a click-dropper mechanism that you have to turn the cap until it ‘clicks’ to reveal the foundation dropper. This foundation also features a whopping SPF 45 PA+++ and is available in 2 shades.


  • High SPF 45 PA+++
  • Hygienic click-drop mechanism
  • Packaging is sturdy and feels very high-end
  • Build-able coverage
  • Great for dry skin
  • Fairly long-lasting for a dewy, moisturising foundation
  • Has skincare benefits (propolis extract 5%)
  • Super affordable!


  • Fragranced (I personally do not mind, but if you are sensitive to scents this might bother you)
  • Only comes in 2 shades (probably as expected as it is catered towards the Korean market)
  • Needs to be set with powder / setting spray or it will transfer and slightly move.

Will I repurchase? Maybe.


TonyMoly Cheektone Contour Duo USD$7.2. Available here.

This mini contour duo is just the cutest! It contains 2 different contour shades and their packaging looks like something from… Pantone?

I absolutely love this contour duo. It’s not powdery, blends extremely well and such a perfect shade for my skin tone. The colour leans very neutral; not too grey and not orange which I find is the perfect contour shade on myself. It comes in 2 shade choices; CT01 and CT02. CT02 is the shade shown in the picture.


  • Blend-able
  • Amazing colour for paler skin with yellow to neutral undertones
  • Not powdery at all
  • A small compact that isn’t bulky at all unlike other contour palettes
  • Extremely afforable
  • Great for travelling


  • None

Would I repurchase? 1000000000% absolutely yes.


Etude House Play 101 Stick #11 USD$9.5. Available here.

Another contour product! YAY!

So I got this because it was endorsed by PONY and I am her biggest fan but it turns out that it’s a little disappointing.

Now, first of all, I really love how its in a stick form and how blend-able the formula is but I HATE how orange it is. Orange contour is super unflattering and I do hope that I would never be caught dead with orange stripe going across my face. The good news is, however, Etude House has just come up with a wider selection of the contour colours and from what I can see in their promotional images, they look cool-neutral toned that is absolutely right up my alley. They can be purchased here. So HORAAYY!! I will be keen on trying the rest of the contour colours and hopefully they will match me well.


  • Blend-able formula
  • So convenient that it is in a stick form
  • Available in blush, highlighter and primer form too!
  • Affordable


  • Not a great contour colour
  • Orange city

Would I repurchase? NO! But I will purchase the other colours because the actual formula is great.


Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer USD$7.2. Available here.

This is probably one of my most favourite concealers, even better than my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. As the name suggests, it’s a full coverage concealer in a squeezy tube and comes with a whopping 25mLs of product. Yes, you read that right, 25mLs! That’s only 5mLs less than an average foundation.

It’s a very thick concealer but spreads easily and blends well too. If you have fine lines under your eyes I suggest you set this concealer immediately after application as thick concealers usually emphasise fine lines if not set. I really think this concealer is worth a try anyways because of how affordable it is.

For me personally, I love this concealer and I reach for this pretty much nearly on a daily basis because of the coverage. The only downside is that it’s only available in 2 shades catered for Asian /paler skin tones as expected from a Korean brand. If you do fit into the category though, it’s a definite must-have.


  • Amazing coverage
  • Comes in a hygienic squeezy tube
  • An extremely large amount for a concealer
  • Very affordable. Probably the most affordable item out of the entire haul
  • Doesn’t break on me after wearing them for hours


  • Only available in 2 shades

Will I repurchase? Definitely yes.


Missha Signature Super Light Foundation USD$15.7. Available here.

If you have been stalking my IG page, I posted a brief post about this foundation and you might have probably known that this is a dupe for the Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation. This is an absolute spot on dupe for the $90 foundation and I really can’t be happy enough for finding this dupe.

The texture is watery and lightweight just like the GA counterpart and it features a super high-end looking packaging with the ombre glass and gold cap. The texture spreads well and gives a very beautiful skin-like finish but has a slightly higher coverage than Giorgio Armani’s. I also prefer this than the Giorgio Armani because it contains 5 different types of flower extracts (snow lotus, camellia, jasmine, lime and daisy) that is great for your skin. It’s like a skincare and foundation in one. I notice that Korean brands tend to put skincare ingredients for added benefits in their foundation which makes me love buying Korean brands even more! Give me all the skincare ingredients in the world, I would be so happy.


  • Lightweight
  • Skin-like finish
  • Blend-able
  • Higher coverage than Giorgio Armani
  • If you’re pale, Missha has a better paler options than Giorgio Armani’s. The colour selection of GA starts a little darker.
  • SPF 20 PA++
  • Affordable, 6x cheaper than Giorgio Armani


  • Fragranced
  • Only available in 4 shades (seperated by undertones, W21/W23 and C21/C23)

Will I repurchase? Yes!!

So I hope you enjoyed this little post about my Korean beauty haul. See you in my next post!

*The products mentioned in this review are sent to me for PR purposes but all opinions and views are honest.




My Instagram Q&A and FAQs

Hi everyone! I’m back for another blog post. Sorry it’s been a long while since I posted my last review as I’m trying to better my blog, I have gotten a DSLR camera that I will be using throughout my blog from now on.

I had a Q&A session on my Instagram a few days back and some of you were such great participants and you have been asking me questions. I will be mentioning some of the questions here as well as some of my frequently asked questions.

“What is the one product that you can’t live without?

A: That’s tough, if we’re talking about beauty product in general, I would say the Mario Badescu Facial Spray. I’ve gone through tons of them and they’re amazing! If we’re talking about makeup product, I’d say lipstick. I’m a pretty pale girl so without lipstick I would look sick.

“Do you feel like (high-end brand) products are worth the money?” 

A: I personally feel like high-end makeup brands are worth the money because I love the packaging and the looks (I love collecting makeup so I feel like it’s important to me). If you don’t care for the packaging though, it’s definitely not worth your money because there are tons of drugstore and mid-end brands that perform well enough for you to ever need high-end products. If you’re considering in venturing into high-end makeup, I’d suggest you go for foundations, base products or lipsticks as your first few products and skip eyeshadows, eyeliner, brow products, blushes and mascara. As a matter of fact, I have actually never splurged on high-end mascaras as their shelf life is extremely short (3-6 months) so I personally feel like they are not worth your hard earned money, not to mention that drugstore mascaras are comparable!

“What is your all time favourite foundation?” 

A: Another tough one! I’m a foundation junkie and I constantly switch up my foundations but my favourites are the Burberry Sheer Glow foundation and the Makeup Forever HD foundation. I’ve also recently been loving the Giorgio Luminous Silk foundation.

“What do you think is the best drugstore makeup brand?” 

A: Definitely e.l.f cosmetics and Chi Chi cosmetics. They’re both so affordable and the quality of some of the products is on par with even mid-end makeup brands.

“What do you do with makeup that you’re not particularly fond of?” 

A: I don’t throw them away unless it’s expired. I’ll try to find ways to use them, and if that doesn’t work I’ll probably chuck them away or give them to friends and family.

“What camera do you use for your photos and is there any special lighting/setup involved?” 

A: This is probably the most frequent question that I get asked for on my Instagram. I used to use my good ol’ iPhone 6 rear camera but I have recently changed into a Canon 500D DSLR camera. As for lighting, I don’t have any special setups. I just rely on natural lighting beside my window (I find that noon is the best time to take pictures) and then adjust both brightness and contrast using iPhone apps like Camera + or Afterlight or VSCO Cam.

“What brush do you recommend other than a fan brush to apply highlighter?”

A: Another question I get asked very frequently. I see that so many of you are highlighter junkies HAHAHA *high five*. I always use Morphe M510 for highlighting. I actually prefer them over fan brushes as I can control the amount I put in my face and blend afterwards.

“Are Kylie lip kits any good?” 

A: Yes they are! I know there’s a lot of controversies going on about the formula of the lip kits but for me personally, they’re my favourite liquid lipstick formula. My trick is to make sure to exfoliate well (I use the Jeffree Star Pumpkin Spice Latte lip scrubs, they’re edible!) and apply a very thin layer of lip balm underneath the liquid lipstick. It makes any liquid lipstick go on smoother and so much more comfortable to wear.

“What is your favourite Kylie lip kit shade?” 

A: My favourite is definitely Koko K, Posie K and Kourt K. Although Kourt K is a little patchy it’s still workable and it’s such a gorgeous shade to wear especially during winter!

So that’s the end of it! Thank you to every single one of you who contributed (you know who you are!). I’m so happy to answer back to every single one of your questions and it was so much fun to do. I’m sure there will be a part II so stay tuned!