Molly Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick Swatches + Review

Hi everyone!

I am back with a review on a liquid lipstick range by Molly Cosmetics. They are an indie brand from Hong Kong that has just been released and I was lucky enough to receive 3 of their matte liquid lipsticks. Just so you know, I really love discovering new brands like them and trying out something new because you just might find your next HG product from their range. So back onto the lipsticks.. their liquid lipsticks come in 12 different shades that are all cruelty free, paraben free and gluten free.

Left to right: Eye Candy, Hot Debut, Diva

As shown above, the lipsticks come in a clear plastic tube with a matte black cap, black writing and a label at the bottom indicating the respective shade names. I think the packaging looks very sleek and the weight felt very substantial so I do not have any complaints regarding the packaging of the lipsticks.


Now as for one of the cutest part about Molly Cosmetics is the bubble mailer it comes in! The lipsticks came in a foiled gold bubble mailer with MC printed on the top left corner. I just can’t get enough of how amazing the bubble mailer is! The shipping from Hong Kong to Australia was very fast, it took about 7 days (including weekends) to arrive so I was very impressed with the shipping considering it’s also a free worldwide shipping. I personally really appreciate companies who do free shipping but most of the times they are slow and extremely unreliable so when Molly Cosmetics products arrived so quickly I was very delighted.

Left to right: Hot Debut, Diva, Eye Candy

Inside the bubble mailer, you will receive a small mesh bag containing your liquid lipstick and possibly the cutest polaroid-inspired card with a lip swatch on it (trust me, I’m going to go frame them after). The lipsticks themselves are also sealed inside a plastic wrapping which I already took off for the purpose of blog pictures.

Now that the packaging aspect is done, I’m going to talk about the actual lipstick itself. The lipstick applicator is a fairly long wand with a thicker side on one end and a thinner side on the other. The wand reminds me of the Sleek Matte Me liquid lipstick and the NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick (but not as stiff as Sleek Matte Me wands). I personally find wands like these a little hard to work with so I am not 100% liking the wand, I much prefer smaller doe foot applicators like the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit applicators or the Lime Crime Velvetines so it is a lot easier to get into the corners of the lips and also shape the cupid’s bow. However, applicators are personal preference and different people prefer different types of applicators. Scroll below for a closeup shot of the lipstick applicator.

dow foot edit.jpg

The liquid lipstick formula is in between a liquid and mousse formula which I really like. It doesn’t dry out too fast like the Kylie lip kits so you have some time to work perfecting your lipstick application and doesn’t make your lips look shrivelled or too dry. The lipstick is unscented which I know some people would rejoice on but I personally love scented lipsticks so I wished it had some kind of scent in it although the unscented lipstick didn’t smell bad at all unlike some of Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick or the NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick.

The formula glided on very smoothly and evenly except the shade Diva which can be just a tad patchy, but layering them will fix the problem in no time. Hot Debut did not seem to be pigmented at all when it is still wet but dries on extremely even, pigmented and dries to a gorgeous bright neon red (with a little bit of orange thrown in). Eye Candy was also a very nice formula as it was evenly pigmented which was a little surprising as good purple liquid lipsticks are very hard to produce. Overall, the formula felt lightweight on the lips and doesn’t leave a sticky finish which kind of reminded me a little bit of Kylie lip kits except a little less crumbly and felt comfortable on the lips. Now scroll below for the actual swatches of the lipsticks..

mc lipstick swatch edit.jpg

As I’ve mentioned above, you can definitely tell that Hot Debut and Eye Candy is a really great formula, the pigmentation is even and isn’t patchy at all. The Diva swatch, however, looked worse than it actually is because my wrist are very textured so it emphasised the patchiness even more but trust me, it isn’t as bad when it is on the lips. All the formula of the liquid lipsticks are extremely long-wearing, I have eaten extremely greasy foods (greasy pizza! who doesn’t love some greasy pizza?) with them on and they stayed put and still looked perfect afterwards! There were only minor crumbling of the liquid lipsticks after my meals, they didn’t feel drying afterwards like some liquid lipstick does and layers beautifully so you don’t need to scrub your lips off before re-application. Do note that all three colours left a stain on the lips particularly Eye Candy but that is what usually happens with purple-based lip products.

INGREDIENTS  (shade Hot Debut):


So my overall verdict? Definitely makeupswatchesau approved! I would prefer it to have smaller applicators and some scent, but that’s just me being very picky on the lipsticks yet I would still repurchase the lipsticks and purchase more shades from them. The lipsticks would be a great addition to your liquid lipstick collection and it is a great brand to support (the owners are super sweet and I can tell that they put a lot of effort into the growing brand).

Each lipstick costs AUD$21.53 here with free worldwide shipping as well as an additional 10% off when you use the code MCA234431 valid for all the items in the store.

*Molly Cosmetics liquid lipsticks are not vegan since it contains Beeswax.

**The products mentioned in this review are sent to me for PR purposes but all opinions and views are honest.

***Discount codes provided are affiliate codes. You are not obliged to use the following code but feel free to use them. My opinions remain 100% honest.


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