Kylie Cosmetics Kylie Lip Kit Review and Swatches. Are they worth the hype? How to purchase them! 

Hi everyone! It’s time for a review of a product that has been so hot all over the Instagram at the moment. They’re the super popular Kylie lip kits that was rumoured to be sold out within 30 seconds in her first release. If you did not already know by now, these are a kit consisting of 1 liquid-to-matte liquid lipstick and 1 matching lip liner created by none other than Kylie Jenner.

To clear things up a little, I personally do not like nor dislike Kylie Jenner or the Kardashian family so you’d know that my opinions on the product is not biased based on the fact that Kylie Jenner made them. I bought these lipsticks because I have heard great things about them and I wanted to try them for myself as well as giving you guys my honest opinions, swatches, etc. I also want to explain about the rumours regarding the Kylie lip kits being made by Colourpop and that Kylie is re-selling Colourpop’s lipsticks for a much higher amount of money. I can tell you that Kylie lip kits are not the same as Colourpop’s lipsticks and they are definitely not repackaged. The formula of Kylie’s lip kits and Colourpops are very different so shouldn’t be any worry about Kylie’s lip kits being repackaged. I do, however, believe that Kylie manufactures her lipsticks in the Colourpop factory which doesn’t bother me at all as many companies manufacture different brands at the same company.

Now on to the packaging of the products. The lip kits are always packaged inside a black and white box that you probably have seen all over the internet by now and inside the box there is a handwritten (copied) note of Kylie which I thought was a nice touch to add. The lip kits themselves are packaged inside a white box with the corresponding colour of the lipstick inside, just like the picture above. The box unfortunately, doesn’t represent the actual colour of the lipstick accurately but I honestly am being a little too critical on that. I do really love the box and the packaging that it comes in, it’s honestly very instagrammable and they look amazing in pictures! (blogger problems..)

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning of the post, the each lip kit comes with a matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner. They retail for USD$29 per kit which if converted is around $38 per kit and USD$14.95/AUD$19.6 International Shipping. Personally, I really think that AUD$38 for a matte liquid lipstick and a lip liner is a bargain and it’s definitely not expensive because there are 2 products included in each kit and the $38 is the total cost of 2 products.

As for the formula of the lipstick, I can honestly say that they are amazing and they have become one of my favourite liquid lipstick formula that I have ever tried. They are runny in consistency much like the Colourpop’s but they are not drying and is very comfortable on the lips especially if you layer a lip balm underneath. The finish of the lipstick is extremely matte and it dries down a little powdery so it’s very lightweight, transfer-proof and not sticky at all (I am being serious on this one, you really can’t feel it on your lips unlike other liquid lipsticks that can sometimes feel like there’s cement on your lips or is very sticky). They last quite a long time on the lips and can survive a portion of McDonald’s double cheeseburger which is definitely great news. The difference between the Kylie lipstick and the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick is that Kylie’s are a little more longwearing and is more transfer-proof than Jeffree Star’s. Jeffree Star’s formula breaks down easier than Kylie’s and is less lightweight. The scent of the lipstick seemed very vanilla-like to me, it’s very sweet and quite strong on the nose but disappears once it dries. I showed the lip kits to my friend and she told me it smelt like Bailey’s liqueur (children under 18, don’t try this yet).

The lip liner included in the kit is also amazing. It glides on your lips very smoothly, very creamy in consistency and extremely pigmented. They also perfectly match the colour of the liquid lipstick so you don’t have to rummage your lip liner collection or purchase a brand new one to find the ones that matches your lipstick. One thing that might not be so great about the lip liner is that with the darker colours like 22, Mary Jo K and True Brown K, you have to be very careful when applying as it’s very slippery and there is a lot of room for error when you mix creamy lip liners with darker colours. I have heard that the formula of the lip liners are very similar to Colourpop’s which I do not have, but I will purchase some one day and I will give you my feedback on them. In conclusion, I really enjoyed both the lip liner and the lipstick in the Kylie lip kit. I do think they are worth purchasing and worth the USD$29/AUD$38.

Left to right: Candy K, Koko K, Posie K, 22, Mary Jo K


Candy K

Left to right: Candy K, Posie K, Mary Jo K



Swatches from left to right: Koko K, Candy K, Posie K, 22, Mary Jo K

My personal favourite colours from the collection are Koko K and 22. Koko K is a nude colour perfect for my NC20-25 skintone, unlike Candy K which shows up like a dark nude pink on me. 22 is a burnt orange which is a type of colour that I never have in my collection. It definitely reminds me of Ofra Cosmetics’ Miami Fever on me and I am really digging the colour on me. Posie K is a dark mauve nude and is actually an exact dupe for the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in shade 13 Marvelous Mauve (AUD$17, purchase them here).


Everyone knows that getting your hands on the Kylie lip kits is almost impossible. A lot of people were very angry at the fact that the stock is always sold out in a matter of minutes (it never really last for even an hour), and a lot of people are buying lots in order to sell them at a much higher price. It can be very frustrating but getting your hands on the lip kits is not as hard as you think it is.

  1. If you’re impatient or you are lazy and not the type of person who wants fight off with other strangers on the internet to get your Kylie lip kits, go to and request an order for your Kylie lip kits. The downside to using this service is that you would have to pay extra fees and it can get a little expensive, although definitely not outrageous.
  2. If you are patient and willing to wait, do follow @kyliecosmetics, @trendmood1, @lipstickjunkieforever on Instagram and download the Kylie app on your phone. Remember to turn on post notifications of @kyliecosmetics on Instagram and check her post whenever she posts anything on the account.
  3. Take a close look at the hints in her posts like ‘coming soon’; meaning that she is probably going to restock in a few days time.
  4. Be patient and scroll through all the comments people are saying on her account, sometimes you get some information on when the lipsticks are going to be released.
  5. When the information gets released, be sure to convert Pacific Standard Time (PST) to your local time zone (California – Sydney has about 6 hours difference, but also take note on daylight savings).
  6. Copy your credit card information on your computer so you’d only have to copy and paste them during check out and be sure to use Google Chrome and their auto-fill feature. With this you can save time and pay for your items fast.
  7. 1 minute prior to the release time, keep refreshing on the website so you can get on to it instantly when it goes live. Add the items to your cart as quick as you can and check out.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the Kylie lip kits and found it helpful. Goodluck in getting your hands on your Kylie lip kits!

Get your Kylie lip kits here



4 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics Kylie Lip Kit Review and Swatches. Are they worth the hype? How to purchase them! 

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