PART I: Korean Makeup Haul + Nakeup Face Waterking Cover Cushion Review and Swatches

Yay for hauls!! This is my first part of my Korean makeup and skincare haul. I rarely post about Korean cosmetics since I figured that most of you are more familiar with Western brands and Korean brands might seem a little strange for some of you (tbh, sometimes they do come up with extremely strange names for their products but let’s not discuss about that). Korean brands are mostly super affordable and it’s divided into roadshop brands which is equivalent to drugstore brands, mid-end brands and high-end brands. The products in this post features almost all roadshop brands with the exception of ones in the swatches and Nakeup Face which I am guessing is more of a mid-end brand, judging from their price point and packaging.

The main reason I absolutely love Korean cosmetics is because of their affordability and how great they are for the price, they also come up with super innovative products that sometimes can be borderline strange but it’s something that you’d just want to try out.

Here’s what I bought and a quick first impressions of the product:

1. Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture Line Friends Edition. Okay, the actual reason I purchased this is because of the duck packaging. I personally use the Line application on my phone so I am so excited that Missha collaborated with Line and that is why I purchased them. It comes with a replacement air puff and a refill and it costs 11,600KRW which translates to about AUD$13. That is definitely VERY cheap for a limited edition item with a refill pack that comes with it.

I purchased mine in the shade 21 which I kind of regretted because it’s too light on my skin. I really think that Missha’s shade range for their cushion foundations run very light. I do recommend the shade 21 to those who are NC15 or below though! As far as the finish, I really loved it. It gives off a very dewy glow and it’s a very moisturising cushion foundation so it’s definitely perfect for winter.

2. April Skin Magic Snow Cream. April Skin is a fairly new Korean cosmetics brand which I found out through Facebook ads. They did a pretty aggressive social media marketing for their brand, much like those detox teas on Instagram but targeted towards the Korean demographics. I bought this product mainly to even out my skintone and it’s more of a brightening base much like my Le Blanc de Chanel primer that I love very much. It does a very great job and it’s honestly very moisturising and lightweight that you don’t even feel it sitting on your skin. It doesn’t give off any coverage, if you’re curious but it does its job very well as a brightening primer under makeup. I bought this product for 19,000KRW which is AUD$22.

3. A’pieu X Doraemon Air Fit Cushion Blusher. This is pretty much my first ever cushion blusher and I can tell that I am very impressed with it. The format of the blush is pretty much like your average cushion foundation but packed in a smaller packaging with a mini air puff cushion which I think is super cute! The cushion blusher gives off a very natural finish and is sheer so it’s not exactly for an intense blush look but rather a natural pinched cheeks look. These cost 5,800KRW which is AUD$7. Do note that this particular packaging is a limited edition packaging just like the Missha cushion foundation.

4. Guerisson 9-Complex Cream. Don’t be grossed out yet but this product contains Horse Oil which is supposedly the new “it” skincare ingredient in Korea. The texture is very butter-like and it comes with a spatula. The cream itself is very moisturising and the Horse Oil properties promises to effectively heal scars as the structure of its fatty acids is similar to those that comes from humans. The tub costs 15,000KRW which is AUD$17.5.

5. Etude House Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer. I can’t say much about this product. It’s pretty much just your average shimmery liquified eyeshadow with a standard doe foot applicator. This was a limited edition product and the packaging was designed by the talented fashion illustrator Kerri Hills. The top part of the tube has a very cute ballet slipper illustration and a ballet dancer illustrated on the box. The tube costs 6.750KRW which is AUD$7.

Now the last part I am going to talk about is the Nakeup Face Waterking Cover cushion foundation. Nakeup Face is a sister brand to April Skin which I mentioned above and I was very intrigued about this particular product because it promises full on coverage whilst still giving that natural, dewy cushion foundation look. If you have ever tried several cushion foundations, I can tell you that none of them really have great coverage. They’re mostly light to medium coverage at most.

Another feature of the product that I was also excited about is the packaging. I mean, all cushion foundations are usually cased in this boring round compact but this one screams luxe to me. The cushion is cased in a mirror finish compact with embossing of the brand in front. The inside features an all black look which I really liked and the mirror inside is huge! Here are some pictures of the Nakeup Face Waterking Cover cushion..

Gorgeous, right? My first impressions of the product is that the claims are 100% true. They offer such great coverage, much like the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation but in a compact form and natural dewy finish at the same time. I honestly really like this product and I am definitely going to wearing them a lot especially during colder days. The only complaint I have is the shade. I’ve mistakenly chosen shade #21 which again is too light for my skintone and it is definitely very obvious as its a full coverage product. I do own several cushion foundations in the same shade but they are strangely very different to each other. Below are the comparisons of shade 21 from different brands.

As you can see above, the Sulwhasoo cushion is the darkest and followed by Laneige. I would really recommend you searching swatches of cushion foundations before buying them so to not make the same mistake that I did, but apart from that the cushion is one of the best cushion foundations that I have tried!

So what do you think? Are you planning to purchase some soon? Let me know! 🙂


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