How to buy designer shoes without going too broke?! + How to take care of your designer shoes..

I’m pretty sure, most girls and a few guys are into designer shoes of any sort. We can all blame Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex and the City for our never-ending obsession with it. I am also sure that the names Christian Louboutin, Valentino Garavani, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik are very familiar to most of you.

As I have mentioned in my Instagram posts, I do collect designer shoes because I appreciate them and I think that designer shoes craftsmanship is irreplaceable. I believe that what makes designer shoes beautiful is the attention to detail given, not just because “it has a red sole” or because “it’s Jimmy Choos”. Yes, the red sole is what makes Christian Louboutin shoes famous but it’s also about the low cut of the shoe that lengthens the legs, the thin heels, the pitch of the heels, the stitching of the shoe that matters the most. Appreciation aside, I’d like to share a few tips on saving for your designer shoes.

  1. Think about what you’d want to purchase very carefully. There’s nothing worse than having to pay $1K for something that you’ll regret later. Make sure that you are absolutely sure that you love it and it’s not an impulse want. Think about how you’re going to co-ordinate the shoes with your wardrobe and what is the main intent for the shoes. Are they meant for everyday use or are they meant for special occasions?
  2. Save money by cutting on your unnecessary purchases. I find that this method really helps a lot. If you know me personally, I rarely shop at higher-end clothing stores and I usually opt for cheaper clothes from H&M, Target and all that sort. I prefer spending my money on higher-end accessories rather than higher-end clothing as the lifetime of an accessory is longer than that of clothing items. Also, if you’re trying to save money another great way is to cut down on eating out. Try eating at home and preparing your own food instead of constantly eating out which to be honest, is pretty expensive if you think about it. It’s also better for you since you know what really goes on into your meals. I honestly saved a lot of money through cutting down on the amount of times that I eat out.
  3. Look for the different options. Go through many (trustworthy) websites that sell the item that you are looking for. There are many websites that sell authentic items which may cost less than half of what you pay for if you were to get them at Australian department stores. If you were to get a pair of Valentino shoes, for example, try to get them from Europe (or Italy, to be exact) because European designer items are sold much cheaper in Europe. This is also applicable to US designer items. Some websites also offer 10% discount on first purchase if you sign up to their newsletter. Take a look at these examples.

Left to right: David Jones, Farfetch

The price of the items in European boutiques varies because of the exchange rate which can be both an advantage or disadvantage. Try to take the advantage when Euro value goes down or when Australian Dollar goes up. This can save you a lot of money too!


If you’re spending a huge amount of money on shoes, I assume that most of you would also like to preserve your shoe life for as long as you can. There are a few things that you could do at home to take care of your shoes.

  1. Sole protectors. Designer shoe soles are usually made out of leather soles which can wear out easily if worn and can be slippery when wet. As for Louboutin shoes, the red paint on the bottom of the soles will wear overtime from wear. There are a few sole protectors that are marketed for these and the come in a form of sticky plastic sheets that are supposed to prolong the wear of leather soles. I think it’s a brilliant idea, however, I have seen a lot of complaints on them being that they peel the paint of Louboutin shoes and so forth. So I came across a product that serves as a sole protector for my shoe soles but is not actually intended for use as a sole protector. I used an iPad screen protector called Zagg’s Invisible Shield Screen Protector and it is an amazing product! It does not peel of the paint on your soles and you can easily wipe your shoe sole clean after use. The only disadvantage to this is that you need a smooth surface to apply it on, meaning that it can only be used if your shoes have never been worn. Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.37.41 am
  2. Leather protector and cleaning. Prior to use, leather protector should be applied to prevent any water damage or stains on your brand new shoes. The leather protector to use depends on the type of leather the shoe is made out of. I will not get into too much detail as there are many different types of leather and I do not know half of the leather types available in the market just yet. I will only get into the 3 main types of leather; suede/nubuck, patent and calfskin/lambskin/cowhide leather. Suede leather is a very sensitive type of leather and it is also the softest and most flexible but is very prone to water stains and other dry stains.
  3. Baby wipes. Baby wipes is a saviour when cleaning your designer shoes. Make sure it is an alcohol and unscented baby wipe so that it will not damage the delicate leather. You can also use the baby wipe trick on your handbags if there are any minor spots. The only type of leather that you should not use with baby wipes are suedes/nubuck and exotics, the damp baby wipe may leave water marks so you would want to avoid it at all costs.
  4. Professional cleaning. If your shoes are damaged and you are not able to do any of the above, it is better to go to a professional cobbler who can handle damages on designer shoes. If you are not sure on which local cobbler to choose, visit one of the high end stores and seek for information about the cobbler. When a high end store is affiliated with a cobbler, the cobbler should be able to fix your designer shoes as they would be experienced in handling them.

Remember, I am in no way a professional and it is purely based on my experience as well as researching online. I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂



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