Chi Chi Palette in “Spices” Review + Swatches

Hello everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing this newly released Chi Chi Cosmetics Palette. The retail price of this palette is AU$22.95 and are available for purchase at Target, Myers or here. The palette contains 12 shades with a mixture of different finishes. It’s described by Chi Chi Cosmetics as “A collection of warm browns and spicy rich tones” which I think is true to it’s name.

Here’s a glimpse of the palette.

If you followed me on Instagram, you would have already known that this is one of my current favourite palettes. It’s extremely affordable and you can usually fetch these at $16 when they are 30% off. What originally draws me towards this palette is the resemblance of this palette with the 35O Morphe Brushes Palette. They both feature warm, orange-y shades that everyone seems to be loving at the moment.

I also really love this palette because of the eyeshadow quality. To be really honest, I am not a big fan of the other Chi Chi Glamorous Palettes because some of the eyeshadows offered are chalky, patchy and a little difficult to blend. Sure, they’re only $22.95 each, but I own better shadows so why would I purchase a mediocre one? I was extremely surprised when I swatched the Spices palette for the first time. The texture of the shadows are quite buttery, pigmented, not chalky and are definitely easy to blend. The eyeshadow quality really reminds me of the Urban Decay eyeshadows.

Yes, Urban Decay eyeshadows are not my favourite eyeshadow formulas, I find that they have a little too much fallout for my liking but they’re still very good quality eyeshadows. The Chi Chi Spices has a similar fallout problem to the Urban Decay eyeshadows, and I definitely can’t complain about that because of the price.


Chi Chi Spices Palette Swatches. Top Row (Left to Right): Shades 1-6, Bottom Row: Shades 7-12.

Above is the swatches of the Chi Chi Spices Palette. As you can tell, they’re a collection of warm toned, orange-y shades. I swatched them over M.A.C Soft Ochre Paint Pot as a base.

Shade 1 (Shimmer finish): A shimmery light gold shade. Little to no fallout.

Shade 2 (Matte finish): A light warm brown shade. Few fallouts.

Shade 3 (Shimmer finish): A yellow bronze-based gold. Little to no fallout.

Shade 4 (Shimmer finish): A copper shade. Little to no fallout.

Shade 5 (Matte finish): An orange-based brown. Few fallouts.

Shade 6 (Metallic finish): A very red-based orange. Little to no fallout.

Shade 7 (Matte finish): A deepend orange-based brown. Few fallouts.

Shade 8: (Metallic finish): A warm brown shade. Little to no fallouts.

Shade 9 (Matte finish): A warm brown shade. Few fallouts.

Shade 10 (Matte base with glitter finish): A blackened brown shade with orange-red shimmers through. The shimmer does not pick up on your  eyelids very well. Few fallouts.

Shade 11 (Metallic finish): A medium goldern brown shade. Little to no fallout.

Shade 12 (Shimmer finish): A coppery gold shade. Few fallouts.

I hope this helps any of you who are thinking of purchasing the palette. I have a 35O Morphe Palette coming very soon and I will definitely do a comparison post between the two in my upcoming posts, so keep an eye on that! 🙂 Congratulations on finishing reading this long post, so I’m going to give you a little gif (pun intended, unless you spelt them “jiff”). I would appreciate your feedback and comments for this post! Constructive criticism is also welcome! But no hate please xx



3 thoughts on “Chi Chi Palette in “Spices” Review + Swatches

  1. You’ve got me wanting this palette now! Especially since it’s way cheaper and easier to get than the morphe one.


  2. Hya. Found this now and loved it!
    I like the look of this palette. Do you think it will suit blue eyes? Or better suited for brown eyes?


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